Where can engineer get 10G magjack on Cisco Catalyst 10G Network Module?

  1. Ingketech
    Market leader in producing 10G Magjack - Ingke Technology(http://www.ingketech.net ).
    3D datasheet(STEP) can be provided for your design.
    10G Magjack from Ingke Technology are compatible,
    Abracon LLC Part No: ARJE-1034 ,ARJE-1034-A,
    Pulse Electronics Part No.: JTL-U1001NL,JTL-U1002NL,JTL-U1003NL, JT6-1480NL,JT4-1104HL , JT3-1125HL ,JT4-1108HL,JTH-0024NL,JT3-1101HL,JT4-1109HL,
    JT3-1105HL ,JT7-1119NL,JT7-1115NL,JT4-1128HL, JTH-0020NL ,JT7-1104NL
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