Proteus 5.2 - add-on to create 'new' format Excellon files?

  1. DanielFFF
    G'day all; First post to this forum and group.

    I'm a long-time user of Proteus 5.2 Professional, but now retired and only using it for hobby projects (maybe one PCB design per year!). So can't justify updating to the current version.

    With my current hobby project, I struck trouble when trying to get boards made by my favourite Chinese PCB supplier. Whereas previously (last year), they would accept the output files from ARES, they now will not accept Excellon files that don't contain the drill diameters. I tried two other cheap Chinese PCB houses, but they all rejected my drill file.

    In the end I hand-modified the DRL file to add the desired drill info, but this is an error-prone process that I would rather automate.

    Does anyone have or know of some (maybe third-party) program that would read the drill sizes from the standard INF file, format them and insert into the Excellon (DRL) file header?

  2. Fragrance
    try Gerbtools
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