to choose capacitors and resistors for a circuit

  1. praman845
    what parameters are there to choose capacitors ,resistors,diodes in electronics circuits.
  2. bilal_flieh
    you have to know voltages and current in your design
  3. Arul271194
    To choose the value of the resistor you have to follow the ohm's law that is
    so that you can find the value of the resistor by knowing voltage and current value
  4. ravihc1985
    Ofcourse use Ohms Law i.e. V=IR.
    But that is not the only thing. You should also know the tolerance, wattage and package of the resistor.
    If you are using the resistor across the measuring end, then the tolerance really play are greater role.
    If you are using the resistor as current limiting, then the wattage matters, I2R.
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