Help determine mu (permeability) of ferrite core with a simple method

  1. obiwan
    Hello friends ! I have many different E , EI , ER, R cores from different manufacturers I bought sometime.
    I need to determine mu permeability by using a simple method, using a sine wave generator, and oscilloscope.
    Earlier today I took one E 30/15/7 no gap , and calculated an inductor.

    Proposed L = 703 uH
    Frequency f = 60KHz
    N = 21 turns

    I connected a 0.01 uF known value ceramic capacitor in parallel with the coil, applied a 60 KHz low level sine wave to this circuit and monitored on my scope.
    With these values of L and C , the circuit showed perfect resonance at 60 KHz with maximum amplitude of the sine wave.
    Then used the formula:

    u = L / Lo

    ... where L is the value of the inductance using the core , Lo is the value of the inductance without the core (air core)
    The value of the air core resonance occurred at 954.55 KHz that means L = 2.78 uH , so

    u = 703 uH / 2.78 uH = 252.8

    I find that this must be wrong. When I bought these cores the material was Epcos N27 and u should be arround 1500.
    So I am doing something wrong here, or the formula or method is not correct.

    Could you please enlighten me !
    Thank you.
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