Orcad/expedition importing

  1. praveen_1383
    Hi All,

    This is praveen. Actually im finding an issue while importing the netlist from orcad capture to expedition.
    I don't have much knowledge on expedition.I need to do some modification in the design. Presently the central library and layout file is in 7.8 version. And im using 7.9 version And im able to open the layout file in 7.9 version.
    But while doing the project integration im getting an error as below

    ERROR : Back annotation has been disabled.Cannot run back annotation.The disable back annotation option has been set in Project integration dialog.
    WARNING : An error occurred updating the material/Process database from the central library
    WARNING : OrCAD/Expedition interface ended with error :[13] Error while importing PDB information from PDB.hkp file ---see log file

    Annotation is not being done since the schematics is done in orcad.
    But there is a warning related to PDB (Part database)
    Please can any body suggest on what needs to be done to fix the issue.
    If i open the central library and just simply save the library in 7.9 version will the issue be fixed, since i guess this issue is because of version change.

    Please provide ur valuable suggestion

    Thanks and regards,
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