Efficiency is a PSU

  1. kand01
    I have a 30watt PSU, output 36Vdc at 840mA providing power to a LED PCB containing three individual output channels (3xFETís) driving LEDís
    I have measured the output of each LED channel at 33Vdc @ 178mA, so this gives me a total power into the three LED channels of 17.6watts.
    But the PSU input measures 25watts,
    The question is how do I balance the system so the input to the PSU is as close to the PCB output of 17.6watts to improve total circuit efficiency
    Under the current set up I am only achieving a total system efficiency of 70%.
    Would it improve if I fitted each PCB channel with smaller individual PSU modules say limited to 6watts each.
    I would be grateful for any input to this question please.
    Many thanks, frustrated novice engineer in the UK
  2. Newtonez
    What's a PSU?
  3. dinesh2931
    PSU -It is generally considered as POWER SUPPLY UNIT. Which is power given to the circuit or a product
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