13.56MHz Tag Simulation in CST

  1. dexterous
    I am working on this 13.56MHz NFC Tag and want to simulate it in CST. I am new to CST but I can design a model in it. The problem is I need some Step by Step guide to its final Simulation. I want to get its S-Parameters vs Frequency, Gain, Directivity and Field results.
    I have been wandering all around for this since a month but all in vain.
    It is Requested to all the members who have the knowledge, that please share and do help me. Thanks.

    Best Regards,
  2. saidatul
    hi, I am now working on 13.56 NFC tag also, and I am having difficulties in simulation the system in CST because I am new to it. May I know if you now can help me out with this? thanks. really appreciate it.
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