Methods on how I can boost signal strength in a RFID reader

  1. Julian Vazquez-Jimenez
    Julian Vazquez-Jimenez
    I am in high school and I have a class project where I am trying to increase the range of a passive RFID chip, as of now its has a range of about 4 inches, but how could I increase that range to say.. 1 meter or etc. Are there a series of equations that can help me determine how much extra voltage I need to supply to the reader (transmitter), or are there other variables to consider? I know that one can increase signal strength in an RFID reader by simply increasing the voltage input, but would that fry or damage sensitive components within the reader?
  2. amnandu
    One main point to consider to increase the read range is to Increase the power and increase the size of passive tag.

    There could be something like Power Amplifiers to increase the input power. ( can look into examples online depending on the controller and the circuits you are using)
    Increase the size of passive amplifier but make sure you maintain the operating frequency .

    I know my comments does not help much but it is just an idea to look into the question you asked.
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