SIM908 GPS: how to extract the Longitude,Latitude

  1. embRTS
    Hello I am getting a string which i am storing it in a buffer
    like after an AT Command

    AT+CGPSINF=32 //carriage return and line feed
    after This SIM908 GPS will give response

    the format of the string is as follows:-
    <mode>,<longitude>,<latitude>,<altitude>,<UTC>,< ti me>,<num>,<speed>,<course>.

    like for example,I will show the format in Numeric which i am getting from an array
    "buffer[64]" is shown below:-

    "32,000000.000,V,0.000000,N,0.000000,E,0.00,0. 00,0 00000,,"


    I want to extract the longitude value , Latitude Value , Speed and Time

    Please help me out

    Thanks in Advance
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