Need Help to learn Embedded Systems

  1. Krithik
    Hi to all,

    Am a professional electronics engineer.

    But i don't have minimum knowledge on Micro Controllers and embedded systems.

    Please help me to learn Embedded system in a fast way.

    I don't have the time to learn in Institutes.

    SO please send me the best suggestions to learn Embedded Systems.

    Thanks in advance.

    Awaiting for your valuable reply.
  2. chri$
    Hi, You want learn embedded systems. Maybe try to see these books ( I have none of them):

    C Programming for Embedded Microcontroller. Writer: W. Smith
    Design your own Embedded Linux Control Centre on a PC. Writer: Hans Henrik Skovgaard
    Microcontroller Systems Engineering. Writer: Bert Van Dam.

    So, there you do. I found these books in french website ( I hope it can help you.
  3. thannara123
  4. Sunil Hiremath
    Sunil Hiremath

    You can also learn from all about embedded systems.
    Thank you.
  5. anand003

    A good book, can teach you lot stuffs from base. Mixed with practical and theoretical approach.
  6. lz6661
    You can get some reference from MYIR.
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