corner simulations

  1. mohsenradfar
    hi guys

    might seem stupid, but I don't know, when my design includes SVT, LVT and HVT devices, if corners should be like [(TT,FS,SF,FF,SS)*(SVT,LVT,HVT)*(Temp1,Temp2)] or like [(TT,FS,SF,FF,SS)*(Temp1,Temp2) (in which devices in each process include SVT, LVT and HVT, e.g. in SS corner all different threshold devices are SS)]. I was told the first approch is correct because we never know when for example SVT is in FS corner LVT might be in SF or any other corners. But I doubt. A link would be enough.

  2. leo_o2
    Yes. The first approach is preferred.
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