intelligent energy saving (home automation)

  1. Ajay R
    Ajay R
    'm doing working on home automation using pic microcontroller..plz help me
  2. ayazahmed
    U can use transistor as a switch to control a relay(electromechanical switch) for controlling a single device with a bit. If u want to control more devices one at time (rarely needed) u can use a decoder between the transistor and microcontroller.

    Hope this helps

    Ayaz Ahmed
  3. babatundeawe
    what does ur project entails u have to give details so that we cann know how to help u. what are u interfacing it with? are u doing a data logging? what do u want control? which transducers are u using, this u have to say so that great people here can help u.
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  5. lhkjg
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