SG3525 simulation in Proteus

  1. Tahmid
    I have attached the library file for SG3525 (SG2525 actually, but it can be used to simulate SG3525), here:

    I also have the files for UC3842 and TL494. If required, they can also be given.
  2. Tahmid
    Fragrance has uploaded PWM chip models for Proteus (which includes SG3525 and other controllers).
    You can find them here:
  3. rytech
    Thank you very much for sharing this mar. Tahmid and to fragrance, i am longer looking and searching how to find it in proteus this component model, i am new to this group i found great help for my study thank you very much all of you...........
  4. engmunir
    Dear Tahmid
    I need TL494 and UC3842 proteus design file and also tell me which is best for SMPS.
  5. uj1964
    Dear Mr Tahmid,
    I am new in your group. I am designing TL494 based SMPS. could you pls help me in providing TL494 proteus library (7.8 ver) for simulation.
    Thanks in advance.
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