Be honesty with our customer

  1. nicholasyqs
    I am from a professional PCB&PCBA manufacturer.

    Here a case with Russion customer(let's call Mr.A).

    A wanna a led dmx light PCBA, ask if we can help him.

    But he has no Gerber file and BOM we need, he promise me send me samples if our quotation is ok with him.

    You know, for a PCB&PCBA manufacturer, you can not make a final quotation without Gerber file and BOM, we just give him an approximately price for $64/unit for him.But he claimed that a whole led body just $65, means our price is high.

    So, with his pictures, we consulted a led company. We learned that a whole led dmx light body is just $62. Then i suggested we offer $62 for a whole led body for him.

    That's how the problem started.

    He thought that we cheated him, said we took advantage of him and also put Russia approximately + - 10% in China approximately + - 50% for me!

    After my manager leared that, he told me i should be honesty with him at first.That means i should told Mr. A, we can purchase $62 for a whloe body led light for him, and let this sugguestion under his consideration.

    From above, i learned that we should be honesty with our customer at first, especially some products are out of our reach.

    A customer is more important than a deal.
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