AVR web modules ATMega644 - Small Web Server on SD Card

  1. tpetar
    AVR web modules
    Web address : http://http://www.ulrichradig.de/home/index.php/avr/avr-webmodule
    Firmware, source code, PCB & schematics are provided, and documentation.
    On that web can be found other very useful projects such is digital scope up to 12MHz, webbox with ARM, ...

    Switching Power Supply
    4 relays - for switching up to 230V
    4 digital inputs - protected by optocouplers
    6 analog inputs - each with space for a voltage divider
    1-wire reading DS18B20

    Uses FiFi Web Server, open source software: http://sourceforge.net/projects/fifi-webserver/

    To operate the camera, we need 14.7456 MHz, while the ATmega644 with 1Mhz overclocked. (In my case it did not reveal any problems, but it should be mentioned at this point.) The hand-held camera Philips DC-3840 is now on the post box connector JP2 are simply connected. When connecting the camera, a DEBUG output via the software simulated UART.

    Software and documentation : http://www.ulrichradig.de/forum/view...hp?f=47&t=1214

    Software description : http://www.ulrichradig.de/forum/view...hp?f=47&t=1214

    Eagle files and schematics : http://www.ulrichradig.de/home/uploa.../Webmodule.zip
  2. medusaperseus
    Hi guys, i really like this project and i want to make one for my room, i am having a problem though, i downloaded everything, including a video on youtube, but i am stuck. how do i compile the webpage, are there some special files for that, because i saw he copied the webpage onto the SD card. Can anybody help me. because i would like to have a custom webpage of my bedroom displayed.
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