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[Raspberry PI 3 B] Solved problem with HDMI output (NOOBS with RecalboxOS)

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The background:
I recently bought Raspberry PI 3 B and was shocked how fast and intuitive were the installation and the configuration.
I have started using Raspbian with NOOBS (the Operating System installer) from
NOOBS lets me choose which OS to install and boot when Raspbery PI is starting.
Then I wanted to have the KODI - LibreELEC came to play. The description how to use it with NOOBS was here
So far everything was fine, but then I discovered RecalboxOS from
First I have used RecalboxOS standalone, without NOOBS. Everything was still fine.
Then I wanted to have Raspbian, LibreELEC and RecalboxOS together with NOOBS...

The problem:
When I was booting the RecalboxOS from NOOBS the HDMI output was gone out all the time. This problem was only related to the RecalboxOS. The rest OSes (Raspbian and LibreELEC) worked still fine.

The solution:
I have stopped using NOOBS and switched to PINN from
I have downloaded PINN-Lite from and started using it as NOOBS by copying all 3 operating systems to the 'os' folder.
Now I have Raspbian, LibreELEC and RecalboxOS working all together!
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Updated 26th June 2018 at 08:27 by niciki

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