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High Performance Low Cost Gate Drivers [Part 1]

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Much of the work that I had done till now was confined to my mind or scattered everywhere in bits and pieces. The difficulties were soon evident. So I promised to write. With an year of experience (academic) in power-electronics, I quickly realized that MOSFET gate drivers were often more expensive than the MOSFET itself! Driven by the motivation of designing (learning) low cost gate drivers, I have chosen "gate drivers" as my first topic.

Having learnt from the experience of being unorganized, the first and foremost thing that I will do is to organize my posts as far as possible. Since I will be writing on many different driver circuits, I have decided to assign a 'model-number' to every circuit. This number will help identify the nature of the circuit in a 'nutshell'. It will also make life easy for me and for others who will be following the posts.

The numbering scheme for gate drivers is as follows:
LS = Low Side
HS = High Side
IN = Inverting
NI = Non-Inverting
BT = BJT based
FT = MOSFET based

The driver discussed here is "LSIN-BT01"
Meaning Low Side, Inverting driver made of BJTs. The last number 01 is to differentiate this driver from other driver with similar configuration. (But ofcourse with dissimilar circuit)

Since it is not practically possible to write everything here itself, a snapshot of the the driver is posted as picture and the detailed explanation of the circuit is posted as a PDF file. Your feedbacks will be welcomed!
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  1. andre_teprom's Avatar
    Using these two 15R resistors in parallel and assuming a Vcc=12v, the output current whould not exceed 1,6A what is not bad, but in order to be an option for some integrated 2A peak drivers, would be interesting think about increase few more.