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Stellaris ARM Cortex-M4F LaunchPad Evaluation Platform For $4.99 USD

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As many of the forum members have expressed interest in utilizing an ARM in the development of a project, I thought TI's announcement of their upcoming release of an ARM Cortex-M4F based Launchpad development board for only $4.99 with free shipping to many countries, might be of interest.

Stellaris® ARM® Cortex™- M4F LaunchPad Evaluation Platform

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Stellaris® LM4F120H5QR Microcontroller Datasheet

Stellaris® LM4F120H5QR Features

32-bit ARM® Cortex™-M4F 80-MHz processor core with System Timer (SysTick), integrated Nested Vectored Interrupt Controller (NVIC), Wake-Up Interrupt Controller (WIC) with clock gating, Memory Protection Unit (MPU), IEEE754-compliant single-precision Floating-Point Unit (FPU), Embedded Trace Macro and Trace Port, System Control Block (SCB) and Thumb-2 instruction set

On-chip memory, featuring 256 KB single-cycle Flash up to 40 MHz (a prefetch buffer improves performance above 40 MHz), 32 KB single-cycle SRAM; internal ROM loaded with StellarisWare® software; 2KB EEPROM

One Controller Area Network (CAN) module, using CAN protocol version 2.0 part A/B and with bit rates up to 1 Mbps

Universal Serial Bus (USB) controller with USB 2.0 full-speed (12 Mbps) operation, 32 endpoints, and USB Device mode

Advanced serial integration, featuring: eight UARTs with IrDA, 9-bit, and ISO 7816 support (one UART with modem status and modem flow control); four Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI) modules, supporting operation for Freescale SPI, MICROWIRE, or Texas Instruments synchronous serial interfaces; four Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) modules, providing Standard (100 Kbps) and Fast (400 Kbps) transmission and support for sending and receiving data as either a master or a slave

ARM PrimeCell® 32-channel configurable μDMA controller, providing a way to offload data transfer tasks from the Cortex™-M4F processor, allowing for more efficient use of the processor and the available bus bandwidth

Analog support, featuring: two 12-bit Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADC) with 12 analog input channels and a sample rate of one million samples/second; two analog comparators; 16 digital comparators; on-chip voltage regulator

Two ARM FiRM-compliant watchdog timers; six 32-bit general-purpose timers (up to twelve 16-bit); twelve 16/32-bit Capture Compare PWM (CCP) pins

Two ARM FiRM-compliant watchdog timers; six wide 64-bit general-purpose timers (up to twelve 32-bit); twelve 32/64-bit Capture Compare PWM (CCP) pins

Up to 43 GPIOs (depending on configuration), with programmable control for GPIO interrupts and pad configuration, and highly flexible pin muxing

Lower-power battery-backed Hibernation module with Real-Time Clock

8/16/32-bit dedicated parallel bus for external peripherals, which supports SDRAM, SRAM/Flash memory, FPGAs, and CPLDs

Multiple clock sources for microcontroller system clock: Precision Oscillator (PIOSC), Main Oscillator (MOSC), 32.768-kHz external oscillator for the Hibernation Module, and Internal 30-kHz Oscillator

Full-featured debug solution with debug access via JTAG and Serial Wire interfaces, and IEEE 1149.1-1990 compliant Test Access Port (TAP) controller

Industrial-range (-40°C to 85°C) RoHS-compliant 64-pin LQFP
Considering the quite reasonable price, the Stellaris Launchpad could provide an inexpensive introduction to ARM development employing one of the latest ARM architectures, the Cortex-M4F.

The product is due to ship September 25, with a pre-order promotional price of $4.99 USD for a limited time.

UPDATE: It appears the shipping date has been moved to November 9.

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