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Pcb clone

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PCB Reverse Engineering, also known as PCB CLONE or PCB Copy, is using clone technology onto the PCB which was designed and manufactured by others, it is to use PCB related software to copy someone else’s circuit board and then manufacture the circuit board by yourself. This is the tradditional explanation for the PCB Clone. with the PCB CLONE technology development, the impact and scope of this industry continues to expand rapidly, and the definition of PCB CLONE also extend from the narrow sense that: PCB CLONE only refers to extraction of PCB file from electronic circuit board and then restore it for the purpose of PCB Reverse Engineering or PCB Copy; To the wide sense that pcb clone not only include PCB file extraction, PCB Clone/PCB Copy and other related technical aspect, but also modify PCB file, the shape of the mold for electronic products, extraction of 3-dimensional model data on a variet of electronic products, compile the components list assembled on the PCB Board as well as individual data sheets on each component where available, decrypt microcontroller on the circuit board, ***** encrypted IC on the PCB, moreover, inverse assemble the firmware of PCB Board and etc, a whole set of PCB CLONE technology.
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