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jeffrey samuel

increase energy efficiency

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guys the power crisis around the world is playing havoc

but do u know the solution is already available in our hands

but in a pricy form
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  1. xaccto's Avatar
    ok, are you just making fairyland statements or got something of technical merit to say ?
    otherwise the mods should delete this blog
  2. jeffrey samuel's Avatar
    you should know that the power consumed by the existing 2 W switch is comparatively higher than the power consumed by the design in my album though it is pricy that consumes nearly a thousandth of power consumed by 2W switch
  3. mrflibble's Avatar
    Actually, people should harness the latent power of quantum unicorns. These pack a real bunch of punches in a superposition of states.

    Other than that, I'll bite. What's the total cost of ownership look like for the typical 2W switch versus your version?
  4. jeffrey samuel's Avatar
    that is almost twice double i got to accept it