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How to program your mbed board using Keil uVision instead of the online compiler

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Create a new project in Uvision and then open the project properties

write fromelf --bin -o @L.bin !L in the "run user program after build" command.
This command generates the bin file from the elf file

Create a MBED_Flash.bat with the following content and place it in the project folder
:Batch file for copying to MBed
:argument 1: .bin output file
:argument 2: MBed root directory
copy %1 %2
Now set the following dialog to use the bat file and write in the arguments @L.bin E:\ where E:\ is the mbed drive

Now when you press compile the bin file will be created in the project folder and when you press download the bin file will be copied to to the flash drive

That's it, press reset to see the code running
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