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lossy compression

compressing of files is what we all do to reduce the size of the file and to free spaces in our systems but is it worth the time spent for compressing files ?


why so?

most of our file compressors use lossy algorithm for compressing the files which result in the loss in quality and the final output of the file is lost permanently

if you plan to compress your file again think twice and see if it is really important to compress then go forward with it


I think your view of compression is rather simplistic. Lossy compression is very important to minimise storage space and/or transmission bandwidth in applications such as audio (MP3), video and still images. Also, there are plenty of lossless compression algorithms around which are very effective depending on the nature of the original data.

Think of uncompressed raw video. A normal movie size will be about 70GB. Getting same in 1GB (this ratio I obtained when I encoded raw video and PCM audio to h264 and AAC with good quality ) is worth of having some quality loss.

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