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HFSS Antenna Design kit - Making our life easy!

Antenna Tool Kit.jpg

Need a quick start in Antenna simulation... Tired of drawing antenna models in Ansoft HFSS... Dont know what would be optimum parameters for simulation... Here is the solution.
1) Download HFSS Antenna Design kit from HFSS Antenna Design Kit.
2) Run the software
3) Select the desired antenna, enter parameters, Press Create Model
4) HFSS will draw antenna for you

The HFSS Antenna Design Kit is a stand-alone GUI-based utility which automates the geometry creation, solution setup, and post-processing reports for over 50 antenna elements. This tool allows antenna designers to efficiently analyze common antenna types using HFSS and also assists new users in learning to use HFSS for antenna design. The design kit can be integrated into the HFSS user interface or launched from the standard Windows menu. All antenna models created by the design kit are ready to simulate in HFSS.

Available antennas in the current release include planar and wire dipole, rectangular and elliptical patch, pyramidal, sectoral, and conical horn, rectangular and circular waveguide, planar and conical spiral, tapered slot, log-periodic, inverted-F, bowtie, biconical antennas, as well as many others ...

Besides Automatic model drawing it features report too. Input impedance, Return loss, 3d Radiation pattern, 2d Radiation pattern will be generated...

Happy HFSS modelling!


anuradhabit;bt605 said:
do u have any such kit for filter design in hfss
Hi anuradhabit,
As far as I know, there is no such filter design kits are available. But If you want have generalised filter design, you may use HFSS scripting technique. It helps you to automate the drawing process based on user input.
hi dear frnd,
i ve worked with ADS design tool.some one says ADS is better than HFSS for design the RF antenna. is it correct? exactly i dn't knw...please tell me which one is better for antenna design?

thank u.
akedar;bt635 said:
it doesnt work for vivaldi creates some problem and shuts down
Hi Can you provide more information on the problem, you are facing. If i cant, somebody can help you out.
I downloaded antenna design kit from ansoft website.but it is not is saying Version problem. what to do?Ooops............
sloty;bt742 said:
I downloaded antenna design kit from ansoft website.but it is not is saying Version problem. what to do?Ooops............

Hi have you tried in HFSS vesion 12, Antenna design kit does not support versions below this...
Is there any alternative for downloading hfss antenna design kit v2.1, as when i tried to download from link given by u its asking for customer account.
Hi all. Please help me in this.
I have synthesized PIFA for 4.5 GHz. But the S11 has least value at 4.6GHz.
Similarly when I have tried with Patch with different feeds only the inset feed is giving S11 value very near to the freq where as the remaining feeds are not so.

please explain this and help me to understand ADK better.
It should contain Patch array and mechanical yagi, and log periodic antenna too

Some one help me in designing Patch rectangular array ..
my Er=3.67 and H=60mil and T=0.012

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