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Hi everybody!

A daily life of an Analog Circuit Designer involves designing transistor sizes :p , running simulations ;-) across corners :-?, design reviews 8-O, post-layout simulations :-x, sign-off of your checklists :oops: and finally tape-out :clap:. It doesn't stop here :laugh: After the chip comes back, you have to test the ciruit in the lab, which could be awesome or nightmare depending on the results :thinker:. After 3 or 4 years, this could become monotonous, and you might not enjoy Analog Design anymore as you did before. What is very important in such an environment is to work with a team that is open to discussing about crazy circuits and ideas to keep you motivated as your career or research progresses. Some people are lucky in getting into those teams, while some aren't. Only then analog circuit design will be fun as opposed to being like a spice monkey fixing some transistor sizes and running simulations. This is one part of the story.
The other part of the story is that people (especially the experienced ones) start forgetting (or neglecting) the basics of the analog circuit design after few years of working. At the same time, some beginners aren't getting exposed a whole lot of crazy circuits that are possible with a bunch of transistors and RLCs.
In order to bridge this gap and make analog design more fun, I have decided to create a blog that deals with simple yet tricky circuits (it could be tricky to some and very easy to others). Whenever I come across an interesting question that I wish to share, I will post on the blog. They aren't complicated structures so this is not copyright protected or anything. The main motivation is to have fun along the way. I am not a good (or experienced) analog circuit designer either, but I am open to having discussions about interesting circuits.
For those who are interested, please follow my blog :)


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