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3d transistors

Computer chip manufacturer Intel announced that it is preparing to enter a new dimension in transistors- literally.Known as Tri-Gate,its new transistor will be the first to go into mass production with a truly three-dimensional(3-D) structure.Intel says that the transistor will offer performance and efficiency benefits over 2-D models when becomes production ready in a new range of microprocessors later this year.All transistors mass-produced during the past 50 years or so have been 2-D.This means that the source,the drain,and the channel connecting them all lie flat on the same plane.In Intel's 3-D transistors,on the other hand,the channel protrudes from the surface in a ridge or 'fin'.The result is that it has not one,but three sides in contact with the overlapping gate-thus its name "Tri-Gate".
The 3-D design should allow transistors to be packed more closely to one another,and so make it possible to fit more into the same space.There are subtle advantages too.According to Intel ,the structures leak less current than standard 2-D ones when not in use,which will improve the battery life of portable electronic devices.Moreover when they are run at relatively low voltages,they should consume less than 50% of the power required by Intel's current transistors-which will be a boon for heavy-duty network servers.


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