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  1. Routine for handling 7-seg display on CCS

    The following function may be useful for those who are starting in the microcontroller's world and wish to implement applications using 7-segment display with the CCS compiler in PIC platform. I've used long time ago:

    void Display7seg ( char value )
       char pin=0 ;
       while ( pin< 8 ) 
           if ( SEGMENTCHARS[value ] & ( FIRST_SEGMENT >> pin) ) 
             output_high ( DISPLAY_PINS[pin] ) ;
  2. atmel releases avr studio 5.1

    Atmel releases AVR Studio 5.1, with support for 45 new devices, bug fixes, and other enhancements.
    New version of AVR Software Framework (ASF), version 2.9.0
    Availability and installation of new ASF versions through extension manager, without having to upgrade Studio 5
    Support for side by side versioning of ASF, with the ability to upgrade projects
    Syntax highlighting and better debugging support for C++ projects
    Support for importing AVR 32 Studio C++ projects ...
  3. Designing with Atmel tinyAVR 6-pin microcontrollers.

    Designing with Atmel tinyAVR 6-pin microcontrollers. Small and powerful; ideal for space constrained applications.

    Date: Thursday February 24, 2011
    Time: 8:00 am PST
    Duration: 60 minutes