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  1. OLED Display Library for PIC Micro-Controller

    In this blog post i will share the OLED libraries with you, which are written for mikroC compiler and can be used with any other C compiler.

    Following are the functions which are currently present.

    void OLED_Init( void );
    uint8_t OLED_Width( void );
    uint8_t OLED_Height( void );
    void OLED_Update( void );
    void OLED_SetContrast( uint8_t contrast );
    void OLED_ClearDisplay( void );
    void OLED_FillDisplay( void );
    void OLED_DrawPixel(

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  2. Controlling Devices Over WiFi Using Nodemcu and Android Phone.

    Nodemcu is a great WiFi chip, that can be used in several wireless applications.
    In this blog post, an Application running on Android Phone will get the temperature and humidity values from the Nodemcu and it will also control the 4 Relays, which are connected to the Nodemcu, all over WiFi channel, so using this setup, you can control your appliances using Android Phone over WiFi.

    Block Diagram is as follow:

    Attachment 132992

    The ...

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  3. Graphical Lcd 128x64 Library

    In this blog post i will share my Graphical Lcd libraries with you which are written for xc8 compiler in MPLAB-X development environment.
    The libraries functions are inspired from mikroC functions and i tried to keep most of the functions similar to the one available in mikroC compiler.

    Some of the Demo Images.

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  4. PIC18F4550 Communication with PC using USB HID Class, Visual Basic Communication

    PIC18F4550 is the one of most advanced controller form the Microchip Technology, mostly known for its USB functionality.

    So Lets starts our USB Tutorial using PIC18F4550.

    To make the things lot easier for newbie.

    Compiler Used :- MikroC for PIC v5.30
    Simulation Software :- Proteus ISIS

    The Basic Circuit Diagram is as follow to achieve this communication is as follow :-

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