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  1. What Programming Language Skills Do Employers Want?

    "What programming language skills do employers want? Online job-search firm Indeed took a look at three months (18 May to 18 August) of 2018 job listings in its tech software category to find out. The company ranked programming languages according to the percentage of job postings within the category that included mention of the language."
  2. David Patterson Says It’s Time for New Computer Architectures and Software Languages

    Moore’s Law is over, ushering in a golden age for computer architecture, says RISC pioneer

    David Patterson—University of California professor, Google engineer, and RISC pioneer—says there’s no better time than now to be a computer architect.

    Some highlights

    "As an example on the software side, Patterson indicated that rewriting Python into C gets you a 50x speedup in performance. Add in various optimization techniques and the speedup increases dramatically. ...
  3. IEEE Open Access Journals

    Many authors in today’s publishing environment want to make their research freely available to all reader communities.

    Fully open access journals

    IEEE is pleased to introduce several new fully open access journals. These journals are fully open access, dedicated to a specific subject area, contain author-pays articles, and delivered online only.

    The first fully open access journal, IEEE Photonics Journal, was launched on 1 July 2012 by the IEEE Photonics ...