I am a Hardware engineer. For the last 7 years I have been developing electronics for computer hardware manufacturers, primarily based in California, USA. I'm an outsourcer for Schematic capture, PCB design, Signal Integrity Analysis. For own projects I also write firmware using mostly C/C++ or use Python for automation, etc.

- Have designed motherboards for servers, daughter boards (such as PCIe cards or DDR memory modules), input interfaces for medical equipment, adapters to enable connection of high-performance FPGA instead of ordinary processors such as Xeon, etc.
- Have routed PCBs with High Pin Count BGA (up to 1924 pins), with interfaces up to 20 Gbit/s (for each differential pair, up to 400 Gbit/s per connector), up to 28 layers, up to 4000 nets, up to 5000 components on the board, with Power Distribution up to 80A for main chip core VDD. For example, I have routed Evaluation boards for Virtex-7 platform.
- Participated in topology optimization of new chips, primarily System-on-a-Chip, routed test boards for them so that the customer could show their clients that all the interfaces can be routed on 6 layers, and not on 24.
- Completed over 200+ projects as a telecommuter.

My portfolio is on my Linkedin page: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexeyshtalenkov,
direct link is: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9...Ed6ellsRDQ2VUE