Hi all,

I am planning to design an RFID based toll gate system using rfPIC MCUs for the project and it will require long range detection of RFID tags.

I have listed the following equipment to order from MicroChip:
DV164102 rfPICkit Development Kit 1 from microChip.
AC163028 MRF24J40MA PICDEM Z 2.4GHz RF Board,
AC163027-4 PICDEM Z MRF24J40 2.4 GHz Daughter Card,
MRF24J40MB-I/RM MRF24J40 RF Module and
RFPIC12F675H-I/SS rfPIC ICs - MCU's with RF transmitters

This is going to be very costly. Do I need something else too? Or am I ordering something which is not required for my project?

For 3-5m read range, which frequency range should I work on? And what do you suggest for Tags?

For the toll gates, I will be interfacing a stepper motor to the MCU.