Stumbled across this and thought I might shed some light on the details. LTM 8494 AP is a starburst 14-segment dual display module that uses an integrated m5450 display driver.
It is functionally identical to the LTM-8647 AP Liteon module with a few differences as follows: The D.P. is bypassed and wired to pins15, 16,17(bits 29,30,31) and the additional pins 1,2,3 are wired to bits 32,33,34 . Also segments R & T are reversed.
These modules and associated part no. were OEM parts manufactured for Virtual World Inc. for use in the weapons display board found in the Mech Warrior pods. The additional
pins were used to drive a 10 segment bar graph and to light up and control the brightness of switches.
5 - 8bit shift registers or a basic stamp or Arduino can easily be used to program the 36 bit word the chip uses. Just make sure the unused bits past 36 are zero and they are ignored. The data enable pin 6 needs to be low when sending data.