Hey guys...I've been a lurker for a long time, but not really an active poster. *I have a small electronics business, we make and sell designs for Ham Radio. *For the past several years, I have done PCB sourcing and assembly overseas. *I'm now looking to see if I can find someone domestically to work with. *A Google search turns up a lot of big names and I know they have high quality, probably due to working with the Military, etc. *I'm looking for a fully capable smaller PCB Assembly house that would be willing to work with me. *Most of the time I run 100-200pcs of a board, right now I have the need for a 400pcs run. *I was hoping to find someone that could "fit me in" between their larger customer orders, maybe utilize their machines when they wouldn't normally be running.*

I have tried to find a domestic source in the past and generally it has been 4-5X the cost...obviously at that price point its worth it to continue working overseas...I'm willing to pay more for domestic work and quality, but not that multiplier.

Anyways, if you represent a company, or know of one, please shoot me an email or post here. *

cpope (at) hobbypcb (dot) com