Dear Sir,

I am pleased to contact you for a possible cooperation on my VLSI research and writing project. This project is evolved out of my graph theoretic research plan for VLSI – Very Large Scale Integration – design, particularly the latest IC technologies such as
Quantum circuits
Spin based circuits
Nano IC technologies
DNA chips
Cellular chips
Gallium/germanium/graphene chips
Molecular chips
Membrane chips
Molybdenium chips
Photonic chips
Resonant tunneling IC
Reversible computing
Single electron devices
Strained silicon chips
Superconducting chips
And many other types of emerging IC technologies which are competing against CMOS IC technologies now.

I am very willing to complete my research with a comprehensive review and some of my own insights. That will eventually lead to a huge volume of research results with perhaps thousands of pages of introductory contents of basic theory, schemes, technologies applications and systems, and this will also take tremendous efforts in time and studies.

Right now I am doing this project on my own, because I am not affiliated with any research organization, therefore the progress is very slow. I have to do my own business to support my research as well as my life.

Therefore I would like to find an organization or an individual to support my research, either with a research position or with some funds. Once you are interested in my research plan, I will talk a bit more about my project as well as my career sofar. You may also find these information on my website indicated below.

Please give me your feedback whether or not you are interested in my above mentioned project and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sincerely yours,

Mark Chen

Personal site:
Link to my writing:

A bit background info.

During the last years since 2003 I have written hundreds or even thousands of academic, business and commentary notes in the forms of papers, presentation slides, reports, booklets and books in the areas such as solar physics, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, IT (incl cryptography), VLSI chip design and mathematics, incl math for VLSI design, among them, the selected about 200+ pieces are of quite comprehensive and indepth nature of review and research.

Since 2003, especially during 2003 -2009 period, I’ve written quite a number of business reporting and analyses in some selected industries. Some of them were commercialized and the rest were not marketed yet. I’ve also written some essays about the social life, politics etc, all after 2010.

All books with a few exception are written in US English: a few in German and some others in Chinese.