I have recently passed the Electronics Engineering Licensure exam in the philippines and I'm plannning to pursue a career in chip design preferrably mixed signal or digital. I have applied at different semiconductor companies. The problem is they don't design the IC's here, they only conduct tests and troubleshooting. I am planning to work as a test engineer for a while then work in japan or the US after 5 years. I will most likely go to the US rather than Japan since I am a dual US/Filipino Citizen.

I humbly ask for any advice on how I could increase my skills and experience in order to compete with applicants in the US within 5 years or 7 years. i am willing to take up my masters degree and to devote most of my free time to studying. I know that the competition would be tough since there are also skilled and experienced applicants coming from other countries, which is why I am taking this preparation seriously.

Also, what documents would I need in order to work in the US. Right now, I only have my US passport, birth certificate and a social security card. Also my academic records started excellent with many As and A+, but I slowly grew tired and got a lot of low grades and even 1 failing grade. Although, I was among the top 10 in the national electronics engineering licensure exam with over 6000 examinees all over the country with only 33% national passing rate, would that be enough to compensate for my poor grades at the university. Thank you for your time, and any reply would be appreciated