Hi i am using SBC "Aries E38000 series and it is PC/104 plus. with this i am using upto four pc/104 peripheral cards. each card should have unique "idsel" and INTREQ number. so i am giving in an order of IDSEL 0,1,2,3 with INTREQ A,B,C,D.
But every time when peripheral card with IDSEL 2 is initialize in my application, system hangs, means some conflict.
if I only disable card with IDSEL 2, all other works fine.
if i disconnect all the cards and only connect card with IDSEL 2, even then system hangs.
if any of the card with idsel 0,1,3 is changed to idsel 2, even then system hangs
can anyone guide me about this issue. why it is happening with only one" idsel"

SBC Specification:
ARIES from Diamond System
PC/104-Plus SBC with Intel E3800 CPU & On-Board Data Acquisition
Aries SBC family features the Intel E3800 "Bay Trail" processor family