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Antenna is critical part of the Radio: no matter how good the radio equipment is; performance of the radio will be limited if it is not equipped with right antenna.

To address your antenna needs we offer the following services:

- Select/prescribe antenna with optimal parameters
- Design custom antennas, embedded antennas
- Develop operational proof-of-concept prototypes
- Match your antenna
- Measure antenna electrical parameters: Impedance, return loss
- Measure antenna pattern plots
- Evaluate gain of your antenna.
- Investigate effects of enclosures of your devices on antenna performance
- Investigate coupling effects in multi-antenna systems
- Devise multi-antenna strategies
- Develop setup for measuring integrated efficiency of your Radiating system (for electrically small antennas and hand held devices.)
- Develop methods and setups for testing your antennas in production
- Acquire innovative Antenna technologies
- Source 3d party antenna elements
- Mediate with manufacturers and organize cost effective manufacturing of your antennas

Experienced in development of:

- Embedded Antennas
- Conformal Antennas
- Electrically Small Antennas
- Wide Band Antennas
- Multi Band Antennas
- Directional Patch Antennas
- PIFA and Inverted-F Antennas
- Slot Antennas
- Collinear Arrays
- Patch Arrays
- Loops
- Dipoles

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