I am new to ethernet and dp83848c chip. I am using dp83848C and pic32mx695F512L mcu in my project. I also have pic32 starter kit (which uses pic32mx795F512L mcu) and demo code for ethernet module. That demo code is properly running on starter kit but for my own PCB it is not working well.
I am using Default pin connections of MCU on my board while starter kit uses Alternate pin connections. So in the demo source code, under "hardwareProfile.h" file, I have changed "FETHIO" from OFF to ON. I also commented "#define PHY_CONFIG_ALTERNATE" line.

Now the problem with my board is that when I connect LAN cable, both the LEDs (link and activity) blinks in RJ connector. But on the browser "mchpboard" is not opened.
I also checked with CRO that the ETXD0 and ETXD1 pins of the starter kit shows some activity on CRO, but those pins on my own board are not showing any kind of activity.
Please suggest some solution.........