I need to design a single balanced mixer at K band using shottky diodes.

I have find some available diodes, to use at this frequencies such as: Skyworks DMK2790


In the Data sheet there is a SPICE model parameter (Fig. 5 table 3)

In ADS I created a file with the model in Fig 5, an i n a PN-junction diode model included all parameters from SPICe model, except Td, that I didn't know where to include it in ADS.

I plotted IV curve, and it is ok, but i tried doing S parameters, and it doesn't varies with frequencies. So something it's Ok. I thought the SPICe model will be engough to have a non-linear model.

So my questions are (many):
- Td parameter in SPICE is equivalent to something in ADS?
- SPICE parameters is not a non linear model?
- What I need to do to modelize the diodes in order to start looking about the impedance the diode presents at each frequency?

Please, I need some help.