Dear Sir,
I have the following doubts regarding on the source degenerated inductor in ADS 2009.

(1) I have read in one paper, we can use the bond wire in series with source. Where is bond wire available in ADS , how we can create the bond wires in series with the source.

(2) I have read about the spiral/external inductor. We can connect the spiral/external inductor in series with the gate. Where is spiral/external inductor available in ADS2009. Spiral inductor , we can obtain from the component palette> TLines-Microstrip > MSIND or MSSPLR_MDS, is it correct?, Can we use these as spiral inductor. What about external inductor, where it is available or normal palette > lumped component indctor, is it correct? , can we use.

I am attaching the paper and images.