It is a device for everyone who want to have a cheap and efficient air conditioning. It can be made of a strandard large fan, few meters of copper and rubber tubes and a bucket with water and ice. The system allows you for continuous cooling of the room for 20 minutes. When you use a large tank of water and ice, that time can be increased up to several hours.

Copper tubes were shaped into spirals and attached to the back of the fan. The fan sucks air in the back. Then air passes through a set of copper tubes, in which cold water flows.

You can support the process of dissolution of ice, resulting in the cooling effect by adding a pinch of salt into the bucket.

At the beggining of the tube, you can notice minor condensation. At the end of the tube there is not such an effect. This means that the cold is well distributed to the room. Outlet of rubber tube was directed outside to the garden (for watering), because in that solution you use the method of communicating vessels, so that the water is sucked from the bucket, passes through the set of tubes and then is drained outside.

You can also use aquarium water pump or another similar element.

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