This is a projecst of a Led Cube. It was built of 5mm blue diffusion LEDs and mounted on the universal board. Scheme of the board in Eagle can be found at: LINK. After assembling all the elements, the system operates correctly.


Elements used:
  • Atmega16 + stand
  • 64 LEDs (diffusion, blue) 5mm
  • 2 LEDs (red, green) 5mm
  • resistor (220ohm) x18
  • resistor (470ohm) x2
  • resistor 10koh x5
  • transistor BC338 NPN x4
  • capacitor 10uF x1
  • capacitor 1000uF x1
  • ceramic capacitor 0,1uF x2
  • ceramic capacitor 22pF x2
  • quartz resonator 14.7456 MHz
  • micro-switch x4
  • power socket
  • universal board 160x100mm
  • ON/OFF switch
  • HEADER bar
  • 5V regulator


LED levels:

Construction of the system:

Link to original thread (useful attachment) Led Cube 4x4x4 Atmega 16. Kostka sześcienna