It is a simple stereo amplifier made of two old broken gramophones Bambino 3 and the casing from a DTV decoder.
The amplifier is assembled based on a typical application of ECL 86 lamp with a speaker transformer TG 2,5-1-666. Power supply is built on a single transformer TS 40-29-676, which is enough to power two lamps ECL. Each channel has a separate selenium bridge rectifier and a double filtering capacitor 47uF. There is no typical tone control, the one which is used in the system is on the negative feedback of the power amplifiers. Due to lack of space on the front panel and the aesthetics of the amplifier, control potentiometers are not placed on the outside, set to max and replaced by the resistors in the inside.
The output power 2x2W is enough to sound a room of 18square meters. The sound is quite different than the transistor amplifier – warm with a great midrange. It is ideal for a peaceful, instrumental tracks. Covers for transformers are made of laminate (which is also the screen) and covered with adhesive veneer.

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