I have a problem with a GCR-8521B (Sony CXD3045R controller) cdrom firmw. v1.02, controlled by a custom (8051 derivate) controller.
It seems that the cdrom don't recognize the ATA Packet BBh command (set cd speed).
The other ATAPI commands works correctly (play audio msf, read toc, mode sense etc.)
and also the routine that generate the BBh command (set cd speed) with other cdrom work correctly.
I have also tried other ways: SET STREAMING (B6h command) but without success!!
Is there someone that knows the right way to reduce the speed rotation of this cdrom?

This is the answer that I have received from LG

Thanks for your interest in our product.
We don't provide any information to change
the CD-ROM Drive speed.
I am sorry that I can't help you about your requestion.
If you ever need support feel free to contact me at
any time you want to.
For further information, feel free to contact us.