I have an AOC L32W761 (Also known as Envision L32W761) and the video went out but i was still getting sound. I checked voltages on the power supply and on the power supply to the inverter i read 3.9V when there was supposed to be 24V. Finding a replacement power supply was out of the question (I found one on ebay for 179.99 - thats a little too much for me) So i added a second power supply from an HP printer that was 24V. The original power supply connector had 12 pins (2 for on/off and dim - which i left) and 5 for 24V + and 5 for ground. So i just cut the 10 wires and wired in the 24V from the other power supply. It worked but there is a problem. When the tv is in composite, component, HDMI mode it flickers. Almost like a strobe. However when i put it in the mode for coaxial cable i get a clear picture with no strobe. I would think that the reason for the flicker effect would be the 24V from the printer power supply isn;t clean but if it works for one mode how can it not work for the other modes? Maybe i have to ground it differently?? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as you can tell i am not a professional