I am trying to import cdl to schematic in Cadence. I did get the schematic, but whenever the cell has more than 1 output, only one output is correctly converted, all other outputs are converted to inputs. For example, the following cdl netlist:

.subckt ADDFHX1 CO S A B CI
M0 net105 net123 net132 VDD P l=0.18u w=0.72u
M1 net105 net117 net130 VDD P l=0.18u w=0.72u
M30 net138 A VSS VSS N l=0.18u w=0.76u
M31 VDD A net138 VDD P l=0.18u w=1.14u
.ends ADDFHX1
*.SCALE meter

This is an adder cell with 3 inputs and 2 outputs.

Only CO is converted to outputs. The "S" output is mistakenly converted to inputs. I guess the cdl just look at the pin list, and convert all pins to inputs, except the left-most one, which it converts to an output.

How I can help Cadence to do the conversion correctly?