Hello sir i used window seven, use the driver for vista and work fine, and software version 2.20 enhanced, i buy this product in a company in Malaysia which here I live,

actually my problem is, i use chip AT89s20, I have two chip AT89s52. One chip i programmed using programmer in my University, but one chip i use sp200s programmer. The thing is the chip i burn using sp2000 is not work, seem like the program code is not download to the chip..

my setting is Port 1, i set the device, then load the file hex, Intel hex, then i choose read, verify, when the chip verify success then I start AUTO, i thick all the function for auto, program, erase, protect,etc. all said successful, but when put the chip on circuit is not working, compare to chip that i burn from my university's programmer. It work well. I have change the device from the company to get new one, but still have the same problem. What i should do sir? the seller said this device work only from port 1 to 3 only, i have change the port but still the same problem occur. Anyone have the same problem with me, how to solve?