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◆ comprehensive alternative S3C2440, and cost-effective module
◆ better back without any device to facilitate the solder paste directly or through pin connected with the bottom
◆ commercial-grade (0 ° ~ 70 °), industrial (-40 ° ~ 85 ° )
◆ micro-size (40x40x4mm), low price (1000 price <150 yuan)
◆ High-performance (400MHz ARM9), a rich interface (see Figure diagram interface)
◆ access to a variety of screen sizes, the largest resolution of 800x600, with 2D animation to speed up the provision of more fluid
◆ WINCE5.0, LINUX2.6 system, users need not concern only the application of the underlying focus and drive to receive customized services
◆ quickly set system WIFI, GPRS/3G, GPS, Zigbee, CAN, Bluetooth, multi-serial port, keyboard interface
◆ matrix applied to industrial control, power, communications, medical, media, security, automotive, financial services, consumer electronics, handheld devices , teaching and other fields for the control panel, terminal, POS, terminal delivery, human-computer interaction interface embedded module