Hi everybody!

I got the Beagle boad's linux kernel 2.6 at this site:

I've already built this kernel and boot the board successfully:

1> Firstly, I've built 2 modules "musb_hdrc.ko & g_ether.ko" and no problem to insert these modules into the linux system.

2> Secondly, I've built 2 modules "omap_udc.ko & g_ether.ko" but I cannot insert
the "g_ether.ko" into the linux system.

$ insmod omap_udc.ko 
$ insmod g_ether.ko 
$ insmod: cannot insert 'g_hid.ko': No such device
Go to omap_udc.c and I found the register function (usb_gadget_register_driver()) break down at the following line :

/* basic sanity tests */
 if (!udc) 
     return -ENODEV;
I've used printk() to find out this bug and found that the omap_udc_probe() can not be called here! ( just only init function is called).

I heard that omap_udc.c is implemented for gadget driver, and I want to use it for developing my own HID keyboard and mouse gadget devices !

Is "musb_hdrc" can used and support for only USB standard request, for class USB request such as HID gadget keyboard and mouse is it impossible ???