Some questions related to Vfd ( used for controlling induction motor speed) .

  1. Fatima Ali
    Fatima Ali
    i have some questions related to VFD ( variable frequency drive ) used for controlling the speed of induction motor .I would be thankful for your answers . My questions are following .
    1) Can VFD provide smooth control of induction motor speed ?
    2) How does it avoids high in rush starting currents of the induction motors ?
    3) What is the function of using a microcontroller connected with the inverter ? Is it used for generating pwm ? if yes than how generated pwm controls the inverter's output ?
    4) VVVF ( variable voltage variable frequency ) and VFD( variable frequency drive ) are they two terms used for a single concept or not ?
    Kindly explain it to me based on concepts of power electronics and electronics engineering . thanks
  2. zeyad.kassaby
    VFD , it usually has a ramp control ,with min and max freq output,with many other menu's and there a control panel (could be removable) , and a special cable to communicate with it through a laptop . you may send me your VFD model and the manufacture to help you more
    hope it helps
  3. masud58
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