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This is a programmer for any AT89xx051 20 pin microcontrollers. It supports the following uC's:

This programmer is based on Blowit. It is written in python language and is DOS operable. Here is the circuit diagram:
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I have tested it and it worked fine.
It includes the main file 'py2051'. It is said that it does not supports 4KB flash, i.e., any 4051 uC's. I haven't tested that, but it worked great for 2051.
For 4051, another DOS version is availabe. You can search the google for more details about Blowit.
Required files are attached....

It includes 'InstallDriver.exe' file which is compulsory to be installed first before you use.
'start.bat' is a batch file inserted by me. It will help to program easily, as you no need to jump to the working directory and type the name of the file all the time. Just edit and change the "*.bat" with your file name.

Below is a PCB design made by me in ExpressPCB. It requires a 15VDC adapter. An electrolyte capacitor is needed across the regulator input. If the capacitor is added in 7812's OUT pin w.r.t. ground, then a bypass diode should be added in reverse to IN and OUT of the regulator, just to save it from reverse voltage.
The PCB is small (4.2cm x 6.2cm)
Also included the parts list
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Updated 6th December 2013 at 13:44 by Genovator

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  1. tpetar's Avatar
    This small fast and easy programmer basicly is for 89C2051 (89S2051 have "in circuit" programming capabilities). Can program 89C2051 DIP and 89C2051 in SMD (over small adapter). Programmer have one bad thing, cant read code from uC, but can erase and program. Software given with programmer is useless under WinXP, Win7,... better use BASCOM-8051. In BASCOM-8051 set Port Delay to 1000 and use BIN files (use HEX2BIN tool to convert HEX to BIN), also set LPT port to SPP mode (standard mode). If there is problems remove C1.

    How to program :
    Start BASCOM-8051
    Choose Program menu
    Choose Send to chip option
    Choose Buffer menu in new window
    Read from disk (load BIN file)
    Write to chip
    Updated 29th October 2012 at 16:37 by tpetar
  2. Genovator's Avatar
    This is right....
    This programmer is made in an extremely simple way, even some useful features are not included.
    But is good for c2051.

    As I referred with s2051 datasheet, it was written that 89s2051 supports both in system and parallel programming.

    Thanks for adding these info...
  3. tpetar's Avatar
    On your PCB I supose you use first 7812 then 7805. Needed input voltage is at least 15V. Its not bad to put some capacitors before and after voltage regulator.

    Maybe easier variant is to use existing 5V and 12V from PC PSU connector such as 5,25" connector, or to get 12V and 5V from RS232 port or to use USB for 5V and boost voltage to 12V with MC34063.
    Updated 6th November 2012 at 22:44 by tpetar
  4. Genovator's Avatar
    You are right. There are lots of ways to make its power supply simple. Even I thought to remove 7812, because a 15v adapter is hard to find here. I just wanted some stable source. We can use a 12v adapter directly, but with a large capacitor to compensate the ripple and maybe a 12v zener in MCU pin1 (Vcc).
    And yes, I forgot to mention to add a capacitor in the PCB design. I am updating it...